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Bootleg childrens schools shoes at The Golden Boot

Bootleg are a sub-brand of Clarks and offer a more fashionable range of school shoes while retaining all the benefits of the fitted school shoes.


Bootleg produces shoes for fashion conscious teens, the range is aimed at 11-13 year olds who want stylish footwear, while their parents still strive to find the best fitting shoe.

The Bootleg seasonal collection is always packed full of the key trends while remaining practical, as the styles have been specially adapted to be suitable for teens and school wear.

The Bootleg design team focuses on fit, durability and creating comfortable styles perfect for everyday use. The shoes are practical and offer good value for money. Bootleg school shoes and trainers are designed to keep both parents and children happy.


We are very confident in Bootleg shoes and offer a selection of boys and girls shoes in our store. Below we have answered some of the most popular questions we get about Bootleg. If you require any additional information, please contact us on 01622 752349.

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